Series: Recording Guitar with Your iPhone, iPod, or iPad

I love my iPhone and especially keep an eye on the Music category of the apps store. If you have any Apple "i" device it's high time you start thinking about using it as a portable and very capable recording studio. All it takes is a simple wire interface between your iPhone and your guitar if you have an electric guitar, and if you're using acoustic you can use the built in headphone microphone.

Recently, the guitar app market has grown, and you can buy both interfaces to connect your guitar to your iPhone or iDevice in various ways, and app to process your guitar such as amps, effects, and multi-track recorders for the iPhone. I've evaluated and tested nearly all of the hardware and apps and continue to do so on a regular basis. Please subscribe to this blog in the right column by email or RSS to keep up with my latest updates, or just bookmark this page.

In this series of posts I'm giving you an overview of what you need to record, the types of apps out there you'll find interesting,  and some things to consider when recording. Along the way I invite you to leave your feedback on each post. Let me know if there's anything I've missed, or anything you'd like to share that would be helpful to others. The more ideas we share the better!

I'm going to use "iPhone" to mean any Apple "i" device you have.

Let's get started:

  1. Connecting Your Guitar to Your iPhone, iPod, or iPad
  2. Do it Yourself iPhone Guitar Cables
  3. Guitar Effects and Practice Amps for iPhone, iPod, or iPad
  4. Best Misc Guitar Apps for the iPhone/iPad to Cure Your Bordom
  5. Multitrack Apps for Recording Your Guitar on the iPhone, iPod, or iPad (Coming Soon!)
  6. Getting Guitar Recordings from Your iPhone to Your Computer (DAW) (Coming Soon!)

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pixel Series: Recording Guitar with Your iPhone, iPod, or iPad
 Series: Recording Guitar with Your iPhone, iPod, or iPad

About Michael Jae

Michael is a guitarist of over 18 years and has taught lessons, played in front of live audiences, and wrote and recorded his own acoustic fingerstyle albums. He’s especially fond of playing classic rock, heavy metal, classical guitar, and fingerstyle acoustic guitar in the style of Leo Kottke and John Fahey.




  1. I'm currently working on testing a handful of Multitrack apps and will release my reviews, recommendations, and tips about those shortly. Stay tuned!

  2. I do wish more home recording learning materials were geared toward beginners who aren’t electrical engineers.

  3. Hey Martin, thanks for the comment and the resource link. One piece of software I really like for quick and easy home recording and that requires nearly zero technical knowledge is RiffWorks.

  4. I continue to use the Peavy Link for interface, having exhausted most of the other options out there for Itouch2g (I'd invest in Sonoma Wireworks' interface if it were compatible with ITouch4g, which I plan to upgrade to soon!).  I'm just getting started on my recording app adventure, and so far MultiTrack DAW is holding my top spot.  At $10 it beats even the cheapest Cakewalk software and seems to have similar capabilities.  I'm holding off for your reviews before purchasing any other recording apps, though 4Track looks promising!  Looking forward to your thoughts! 

  5. It should be interesting to hear recording quality.

    • Quality is great! The cable or adapter you have between your guitar and iDevice is really the key though. Using just a cable without impedance matching can be the most obvious issue, but there are some other issues too like uneven input levels from one iDevice to another.

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