Do it Yourself iPhone & iPad Guitar Cables

Are you on a budget? Are you a do-it-yourselfer?

If you'd like to make your own iPhone/iPod/iPad guitar or mic cable here are a number of methods of putting them together yourself. Choose the one that fits you best. If you have questions or want to share ideas please use the comments form at the bottom of this post. Thanks.

These guitar/bass cables work on all iPhone, iPod, and iPads, essentially any iDevice.

Why build your own cable for you iDevice?

Well, you can use it to play your guitar directly into your iDevice and use a host of different apps to turn your iDevice into a practice amp, effects unit or multi-tracker for recording and writing songs


1) Make a cable to use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a guitar amp

Requires some soldering. Isn't impedance matched.

Make a cable to use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a1 300x225 Do it Yourself iPhone & iPad Guitar Cables

2) Make It: iPhone Guitar Connection Kit

No soldering required. Impedance matching optional.

iguitar cable1 300x100 Do it Yourself iPhone & iPad Guitar Cables

3) How to build a cheap guitar cable to use with iPhone

No soldering required. Uses very common wires. Not impedance matched.

cables connected1 300x172 Do it Yourself iPhone & iPad Guitar Cables

4) DIY Cable Kit

No soldering required. Not impedance matched.

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5) Building a Cable for RiotFX on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

No soldering required. Impedance matching optional.

little imp1 300x71 Do it Yourself iPhone & iPad Guitar Cables

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pixel Do it Yourself iPhone & iPad Guitar Cables
 Do it Yourself iPhone & iPad Guitar Cables

About Michael Jae

Michael is a guitarist of over 18 years and has taught lessons, played in front of live audiences, and wrote and recorded his own acoustic fingerstyle albums. He’s especially fond of playing classic rock, heavy metal, classical guitar, and fingerstyle acoustic guitar in the style of Leo Kottke and John Fahey.




  1. A great piece – I am very greatful that you posted it. I would definitely recommend that every one else should have a look at it. Follow the URL’s into some great web sites

  2. It is totally awesome what you can do with the iPhone app for guitar. The first time I heard the clean sound I was blown away.

  3. Kate Johnson says:

    I want to make on of these for myself and my brother. Great articles. I didn’t know this site existed. Bookmarked.

  4. I also had to bookmark this site. I have fun playing at guitar, but could you explain maybe in detail why someone would want to make a guitar chord for their guitar? I am sure a lot of people here already know, but can you explain it for those of us who are slightly mystified? Thanks, great post.

    • Hey Jimm, sorry I guess I took for granted that you would know. I’ve got another post or two on my site about this topic which I recommend you read. The main reason is so that you can either 1) record yourself playing guitar on your iDevice, or 2) just play into the iDevice and monitor the playing in your headphone like a personal practice amp. The nice thing is there are a ton of iPhone/iPad apps to help you do this in style. Everything from amp simulators, to multi-tracking apps, and effects apps. It’s been quite fun to play with. Check out the links in my post which lead to my other articles on the topic. Thanks!

  5. Hello, i made DIY cable and it worked great with my epiphone les paul special II, but i recently got a Epiphone 333 Tom delonge sig, and it doesn’t work, says no iput, any suggestions and whats causing that?

  6. Wow looks interesting and cool! Will try now hopes i can make it right!

  7. This is a nice series of guides for the musician and / or producer. I am more into digital production of tracks and these would make handy bridges if I need to work with a musician to render a custom chord to use as a layer in my multi-track project. My main objective would be to import the audio into my editing program via my notebook. However, these solutions for portable devices are sure handy for when you find yourself on the road or at some venue. I have never looked into pricing guitar lessons, but I have always wanted to learn.

  8. This is a very useful website and I have found good information here and I really appreciate the efforts of the writer of this essay for sharing nice ideas. Thanks!

  9. nice!! it works! but sometimes my ipodtouch doesn't recognize it when i plug in the cable…it just says "input: none"…any tips on how to fix that problem?

    • There’s no fix I’m aware of. Just unplug it and plug it back in. You may also have to restart your app, or restart your phone, but usually simply unplugging will do the trick.

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