“Nothing Else Matters” Fingerstyle Guitar Version Shootout

Metallica's Nothing Else Matters is already and fingerstyle guitar inspired guitar piece. However, to make it 100% fingerstyle it should contain the vocal melody and solos too. I was really inspired by the two original 100% fingerstyle versions below. Especially Tomi's. I think this sort of treatment very much elevates the song, which I think is tough to do when it's so popular already. See what you think…

Which version do you like best?


TAB for Tomi version: 


While they're both good, personally my vote is for the Tomi P. version. I think it's intuitive, creative, and a really beautiful take on the song.

Which one do you like and why? Please let me know below…

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pixel Nothing Else Matters Fingerstyle Guitar Version Shootout
 Nothing Else Matters Fingerstyle Guitar Version Shootout

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