You’re Just 6 Lessons Away From Learning to Play in Two Days Guaranteed

Where else can you get beginner guitar lessons that teach you how to play guitar in just 2 hours Guaranteed, in the privacy of your own home, by an instructor who has been testing and carefully perfecting her guitar teaching method with students for over 20 years?

Why pay hundreds of dollars over months and months, endure the frustration of hours & hours of confusing music notation, finish up with bleeding fingers & still not be able to play a song!?

Why I recommend the “Guitar Made Easy” method guitar lessons to learn how to play guitar:


  • No need to learn how to read music

  • No future fees or headaches getting to lessons

  • No overpriced videos

  • No complicated lessons with hundreds and hundreds of exercises to get lost in forever

  • No need for talent, OR a great guitar

You will learn the 6 tricks that make up the beginners creed. These tips developed over 20 years are the secrets to learning how to play guitar fast and easily, working naturally with your body, brain, and fingers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, or if your picking up the guitar again after years of not playing.

The 6 lessons focus you like a laser on which skills you must focus on and which skills you must ignore. This method includes beginner acoustic and electric guitar lessons. And, you’ll learn all the beginner guitar chords you’ll need to know, as well as learn how to tune your guitar.

No more guess work.

Don’t guess when it’s ready to move on to the next skill. You don’t need to. Silvia takes all of the guess work out of your mind. At the end of each chapter you’ll check exactly what you need to know to move to the next step. Don’t jump the gun moving ahead before you’re ready, and don’t waste time.


Better than risk free. You can try the book for 6 months with ZERO RISK. During that time, if you haven’t learned to play in 2 hours or less the author will refund your money. This is a no questions asked, no hard feelings refund.

Easy Guitar Method costs only $37. That’s the cost of just one guitar lesson. You could easily pay hundreds of dollars working with a live guitar instructor for beginner guitar lessons.

You also get $50 in free bonus gifts all available for immediate download when you buy Guitar Made Easy.


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