This Week in Guitar: July 30, 2011

Metallica marks 30 years with $6 concerts!The History Of Guitar by Line 6 Co-Founder Marcus RyleStar Wars B-Wing Fighter GuitarFormer MEGADETH Guitarist MARTY FRIEDMAN: ‘The Happiest Song I Ever Played’Download A Free Nirvana Tribute Album [News]Buckethead Magic Shred Lick Fully Explained [Lessons]Rush, Tool, Primus Members Jam [News]Metal For Grandmas [News]MEGADETH’s ELLEFSON: ‘If You Believe In [...]

Weekly Guitar Video: Tosin Abasi Blows Your Mind with his 8-String Guitar

7-26-2011 11-19-00 PM

So let me be up front. I'm not a huge fan of Tosin's sound and style, but there's a lot going on here that I do like. I love seeing the immense technical prowess. I like seeing the possibilities of the 8 string (and he really puts those strings to use). I like the unstructured [...]

Photo of the Week: Guitar "Legend"

Photo of the Week: Guitar "Legend"

Unlocking Guitar Chords in Plain English


In this 10 minute lesson you'll learn exactly how chords are made and how to make your own in plain and simple terms. This is a must lesson for beginner guitarists, or players who have never thought much about the chords they play.  My goal with 10-Minute Guitar Lessons is for you to have fun [...]

This Week in Guitar: July 23, 2011


Leo Kottke: "Practice is what ruins people." The most evil musical intervals ever Video: World's Fastest Guitar Player Plays "Flight of the Bumblebee" at 600 BPM Guitarist Of The Year 2011 – Winners' Video Performances Would you pay $35,000 for Steve Vai’s Ibanez guitar? Online stream of the first single from the new Red Hot [...]

This Week in Guitar: July 16, 2011


One man's newfound appreciation for the Djent sound Streaming Music Website Spotify Launches in the U.S. Steve Vai’s original Ibanez Universe prototype on eBay 5 Guitar Myths – Fact or Fiction? Here are the 10 best concert brawls. Bonus: Includes video. Alembic Dragon Wing bass as designed by John Entwistle of The Who Radiohead Preview [...]

Weekly Video: Stand By Me Around the World

7-14-2011 3-48-29 PM

Okay, so this isn't a new video, but it's a classic and if you've seen it then it's worth watching it again…

This Week in Guitar: July 9, 2011


Here’s the best handpicked guitar news from across the Internet for the week prior to July 9, 2011. To get daily guitar news updates, tips, humor and a bunch more daily guitar stuff to help keep you inspired, click here to follow me on Twitter at @MichaelJae.

12 Crazed Guitar Faces By Your Favorite Guitarists


I remember seeing Steve Vai live years ago at the House of Blues Orlando; an amazing guitar player, but he makes some of the nuttiest grotesque faces while playing that look nothing like his music. Over the years I've realized the phenomena is not uncommon, some of the "greats" make faces that quite frankly are [...]

Weekly Video: Bobby McFerrin Hacks Your Brain With Music


Pretty neat interaction Bobby creates with his audience where they collectively write a song in real time…

This Week in Guitar: July 2, 2011


MEGADETH Guitarist CHRIS BRODERICK On Upcoming Album, Life On The Road Guitar World's 50 Best Albums of the First Half of 2011 Making Mistakes Makes You a Better Guitar Player EXCLUSIVE Rodrigo y Gabriela: "Unique Sound … Beer Can Guitar Amp Guitars Are Better Than Women Because…