Weekly Guitar Video: Cigar Box Guitar Demonstration

6-25-2011 10-46-34 PM

I've been atttracted to these cigar box guitars for a while, and recently discovered that YouTube is full of guys playing these things. Cool! I figured they were just antiques, but no, there's a vibrant community of players building and playing them…. Anyone else think these guitars are bad ass?

This Week in Guitar: June 25, 2011


Primus Release Upcoming Album Details [News] – I hope this doesn't suck as bad as their last few albums. Metallica Teams Up With Lou Reed [News] – Interesting Lou Reed collaboration project. METALLICA Co-Manager Marries British Conservative Party Politician – Ha, Josh Groban and Metallica share the same talent management company. That may help explain [...]

This Week in Guitar: June 18, 2011

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“Nothing Else Matters” Fingerstyle Guitar Version Shootout


Metallica's Nothing Else Matters is already and fingerstyle guitar inspired guitar piece. However, to make it 100% fingerstyle it should contain the vocal melody and solos too. I was really inspired by the two original 100% fingerstyle versions below. Especially Tomi's. I think this sort of treatment very much elevates the song, which I think [...]

Weekly Guitar Video: 5 Korean Kindergarteners Play Guitar (Eerie!)

child guitarist

Do you wonder if these kids are forced to practice so much that they don't have a life?  Are the parents to make these kids practice cruel? Or, is this simply a display of amazing talent and these kids will go one to become incredible adult musicians? What do you think?

This Week in Guitar: June 11, 2011


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Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero

This Week in Guitar: June 4, 2011


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