Largest Gallery of Most Artistic Guitar Designs Ever


Being a crazy about guitars I've been collecting photos of the best looking custom guitar designs I find online for a few years. There are some incredible, unique and plain weird guitar makers out there that the greater world will never know, and so I felt it was my duty to go through my own [...]

Unbelievable Guitar Solo by Fernando Miyata (Video)

Once in a while I see a guitar solo that just blows my mind and inspires me. This is one of those. Fernando employs a dazzling number of techniques and all with perfect execution. Well worth your 3 minutes. You'll probably get at least a few cool soloing ideas you may have never thought of [...]

7 Painful Singing Mistakes, and How to Fix Them


Singing is supposed to be fun of course, but it's impossible to miss that some singing sounds amazing and inspiring while other singing ranges from needs-improvement to duck-and-cover bad (like this half-time fiasco pictured below). Let's face it, I know some will find this offensive but, many people suck at singing. I'm not afraid to [...]